Fund strategy

The strategy is to search for investment-attractive companies for the Fund investments, follow-up work with their shareholders and management, aimed at dynamic development, improving operational activities, increasing "transparency" and increasing the capitalization of companies.

Investments are made to private Russian mid-sized companies that have a stable market position, with a strong, successful management team and shareholders who have a clear vision for the development of their enterprise.

Experts in close cooperation with shareholders and management of companies are engaged in work aimed at their dynamic development and changes in corporate governance, leading to an increase in capitalization.

Main criteria:

  • Industries/Activities: No restrictions.
  • Company Life Cycle: Development/ expansion.
  • Company Size: As a rule, the annual sales volume is over US $10.0 million.
  • Geography: The Russian Federation and some CIS countries.
  • Type of investment: Fund "РОСРЕСУРС" - makes investments by investing in the companys share capital. Investments, as a rule, are connected with the process of increasing the share capital of the company and are aimed at the subsequent development. Part of the investment may be used to buy back existing shares from shareholders.
  • Structure of investments: Share of the fund "РОСРЕСУРС" in equity, as a rule, amounts from 30% to 95%.
  • Participation in business: fund "РОСРЕСУРС" receives representation on the Board of Directors of the company in proportion to its participation in the share capital and has the relevant rights (including the law «вето») and obligations in accordance with the current legislation and the shareholders agreement.
  • Size of investments: The standard investment size is in the range from US $5.0 to US $40.0 million. At the same time, there are opportunities to increase the investment amount by attracting co-investors in each particular case.