About us

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Fund «ROSRESOURCE» was created in 2010 on the wave of the revival of the Russian economy after the crisis of 2008.
Our goal was to contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in Russia and the CIS as a whole through direct and venture investments in the share capital of enterprises. "ROSRESOURCE" is today the only fund in Russia working on the basis of a co-investment model with leading international investors.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the population, build modern infrastructure, develop regions, increase the efficiency of enterprises, technological development, as well as stimulate import substitution and realize the export potential of Russian business.

Long-term experience, a united team and a professional approach allow us to solve the most difficult problems facing us.

Our most important value and motivation is to do everything possible to improve the safety of personnel and working conditions in enterprises.

We strive to develop and set the highest requirements for ourselves - to create high-quality, innovative technologies and to use the best practices in creating modern products, thereby generating new ideas and technical solutions.

The reputation of a reliable partner is created by people who work in the Fund. The members of the ROSRESOURCE team have already established themselves as professionals of the international level. Ability to exceed the most demanding expectations, constantly strive for excellence and achieve better results - this is what distinguishes our employees.
Every day our people face new challenges, working on complex tasks. That is why the management invests in the constant development of its employees, which are the driving force behind the Fund.

Address of the General Director

"ROSRESOURCE" is a unique organization. We created a sovereign fund that attracts leading international investors into the Russian economy through joint investment in the most promising projects. Our co-investors - both financial and strategic - have already recognized our fund as a reliable partner in the Russian market.
This success has many components, but its cornerstone is our team.
The most important for us is our employees, results of activity and the reputation of the fund. We managed to assemble a team of professionals with vast experience in Russia and abroad.
It was the employees of ROSRESOURCE that became the driving factor that ensures the attainment of the highest results, filling the standard processes with drive, team spirit, constant readiness to make "a step more than required».
Our corporate culture is based on values ​​of teamwork, ethics, effective communication, responsibility, constant development of each, initiative and focus on results. We always support the ideas and efforts of employees to expand their professional horizons and promote their further education and development.
To be successful in the ROSRESOURCE Foundation, you need not only to become a part of the team of like-minded people, but also to continue moving forward - to leave the comfort zone, aim at the maximum result and achieve it by working not only above the tasks set, but also on yourself.
New agreements on investments in large-scale infrastructure projects of national importance, such as the construction of sections of the Central Ring Road and the understudy of Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow, strengthened the fund position as one of Russia key infrastructure investors. Together with our partners, we are ready to provide investments in infrastructure worth more than 10 trillion rubles. Already today every tenth air passenger in Russia flies through the airports, in which the Fund has invested together with our partners.
I would like to thank our foreign and Russian partners, the management and all employees of the portfolio companies, the Fund employees for their joint fruitful work and invite new investors to become participants in Russia success story.

Thank you for your trust.!
Yours faithfully,